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About Us

First off, thank you for stopping by! Without incredible individuals like yourself this movement wouldn’t be possible!

So since you’re here you’re probably wondering what this movement is all about? What is it and why is it even a movement?! 

Well my curious friend, let me begin by telling you that you (yes, you) are the movement! The Thai Pants Movement is a clothing line based in Calgary, Canada with deep seeded roots in Thailand. Our clothing line is handmade in Chiang Mai, Thailand and embodies the wild spirit of that country. If you’ve travelled to Thailand you know that once touched by the heart of this energetic, kind and beautiful country it never really leaves you. From the bustling streets of Khao San road to the blissful white sand island of Kao Lanta, Thailand has something for everyone. 

The Thai Pants Movement was our way of bringing that sense of adventure and curiosity home. We, at the Thai Pants Movement want to instill and inspire change within your daily lives. By being bold, feeling unstoppable and being comfortable in your own skin we encourage you to move from who you are and pursue who you want to be.

To us, this movement is a means of reminding people that you can be free not only when on vacation but any time you choose. It merely takes the courage to step out of the routine and being true to yourself (corny, but seriously chew on that thought). As a company, we aspire to create movement. May it be physical, emotional or social we just want to see it!

 So tag us at #thaipantsmovement! Let us follow your journey and be a part of your growth! Allow us to join your movement by being a part of ours! We can't wait to see the adventures you embark on.